Check out this old scene from Rodox

Some people thing pissing is a new thing, but this fetish is really popular for a few decades already. Check out this old scene from Rodox for example.


In this vintage flick you can see a massive pissing groupsex party. Pee is flowing, the sluts are drinking it and everybody ends up completely wet from the gallons of piss.


Massive golden shower

Luigina Nike was bored, so she asked her room mate to get his butt up and fuck her pussy like he always does. She was quite surprised when he showed up with a big pot at first.


The he showed up she should pee inside of it which she hapily did. Being satisfied with her obedience, the guy rewarded her face with a massive golden shower that made her head and hair completely wet.


Hot chick with sexy body Brittany

Brittany is a hot chick with sexy body and kinky mind. She fall asleep on a bench and her horny neighbor found her.


The first thing the idiot could come up with, was to pull out his dick and piss on the sleeping beauty. She woke up imediatelly, but she wasnt upset, just turned on. Check out how the peeing game continued.


Goldie is filled with sperm and then washed out with pee

Its time for some masked game today. Goldie is a blonde slut who lost a bet the last week, so she had to agree to have sex with some mask wearing stranger.


First she sucked his cock and thought that would be it, but then the guy started to pee in her mouth. Surprised by its good taste, she asked for more, so the guy peed on her pussy and butt too.


Kinky brunette Lana S pissing

Lana S is here for a hot strip show and maybe some masturbation action too. She came in wearing some super hot lingerie and a corset and starts to strip it slowly for us.


The kinky brunette had a special surprise for us, she took of her thongs and started to piss on the floor before we were able to stop her. The view of her shaved pussy and the urine flow,ing from it so hot, that we asked to piss some more and you can enjoy it with us.

pissing-brunette-babe-8 pissing-brunette-babe-9

Hot lesbian sluts Katalin and Gitta Blond

Two hot sluts Katalin and Gitta Blond are prepared for you today. They met in restaurant bathroom and imediatelly went after each other.


These hot lesbian sluts have a kinky mind as you can see from the pics where one of them pisses in the wash bowl. Of course its not all, to see more peeing action make sure you click on the photos.


Zafira stripped her short sexy dress

Here is another hot pissing scene featuring the stunnign busty pornstar Zafira. We shot this scene in an abandoned hidden street, where noone passes all day long.


Zafira stripped her short sexy dress and showed us her butt and tits. The hot slut left a bit urine flow out of her pussy to make it wet and started to masturbate. At the end she made a big piss stream hitting the ground.


Selina coverd in piss soaked clothes

Selina is not the prettiest girl in town, but she quite possibly is one of the kinkiest sluts you can get. Tattoed piss lover enjoys to get her face pissed on and we love to fill her fantasies, after all its her birthday today.


So we asked two studs to save as much urine as possible and unload it at this weird chick as a gift.


Amber Rayne is a cute amateur chick

Amber Rayne is a cute amateur chick that we found on the street, looking for fresh faces to piss on.


We were quite surprised when she agreed to let us shower her hot body with our warm urine, without hesitating for a second. So we took her to a public toilet and gave her the pissing lesson she deserved.


Snowbound with Full Bladders……

One would thing the girls would object to an outdoor scene during the winter, but these sluts were actually excited about it.

9 10

First they got nude, then started to chase each other around. Soon enough they pissed on each other like the kinky skluts they are. Yellow snow was served as a desert :)

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